Social Justice Project #4

What does the Bible say about justice?

Part 2: History

Books of history comprise twelve books of the Hebrew Scriptures. In seven of those book the word “justice” is used in the HCSB.

In several instances, the expression justice refers to the administration or application of law. The sons of Eli the judge perverted justice (I Samuel 8:3). But, David is contrasted as administering justice (II Samuel 8:15).

However, David’s son Absalom suggests that he would administer justice more fairly than his father. He did that to curry favor with the people in preparation to rebel again David.

Righteousness is the application of three passages, in which God is beseeched to act righteously to bring justice to His people (II Sam. 23:3, I Kings 8:32, II Chron. 6:23).

In the book of Judges, Abimelech, the son of Gideon was punished by God for his evil act of killing his brothers. The trouble that came to his was called justice (Judges 9:23).

Each of these usages is consistent with our definition of justice.

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