Discipleship Minute #13

Read John 1:35-51.

Who is Jesus?

That is the most monumental question in the world. The answer to that question determines everything else, especially your eternal destiny. Many other religious figures have existed. But, none are as unique as Jesus.

In this passage, Jesus is addressed by several names. Two significant names need to be addressed. First, “the Son of Man” is Jesus’s favorite designation for Himself. There is a sense of humanity in this phrase. There is also the implication of deity as well. The Jewish audience would have understood the reference to a passage in Daniel where, in Daniel’s vision, the figure called “a Son of Man looks like a human being, but he comes on the clouds of heaven, and he is given God-like dominion and glory.

Jesus is also referred to as “the Son of God.” This is also a reference to His deity. Jesus put Himself in God’s place in His words and His actions. The church took four hundred years to define a Biblically-consistent doctrine of the humanity and deity of Jesus Christ. Jesus is fully human and fully divine.

It is important that our understanding of Jesus Christ is consistent with this truth. We cannot see Him as merely as good person or a great moral teacher. That choice is not open to us.

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