Discipleship Minute #12

Read Matthew 28:16-20.

Jesus sent the disciples on a temporary mission to the people of Israel to proclaim the kingdom of God. They accompanied that proclamation with miracles. After His resurrection, Jesus commissioned His followers with a new mission, one that was broader in nature and scope. Jesus declared His authority when He said “All authority is given to Me…” Think about that for a moment. If someone is going to send you on a mission, wouldn’t you want to know if they have the authority to do so? Jesus certainly does have that authority. If someone can predict their death and resurrection, then that is someone we should listen to.

The mission orders have an active nature. The disciples were to make an active effort to go, make new disciples, baptize, and teach. The command applies to us as well. This means we start by talking about the gospel wherever we can. When someone responds to the Holy Spirit, repents, and places his faith in Christ, baptism is the next step. The transformation begins the discipleship journey as he learns the things that Christ commanded and applies those things to his life.

There is one thing we have to remember. As we go participating in Jesus’s mission, He is doing the work, through the person of the Holy Spirit, convicting people, changing them, and redeeming people. We don’t fail if we obey Jesus.

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