Discipleship Minute #9

Read John 1:43-51.

In the days of Jesus, rabbis would often invite people to travel with them, both to learn from the rabbi and contribute to his work. Jesus invited a man named Philip to follow Him before travelling to Galilee. Philip had heard enough of Jesus’s teaching to take the decision to follow Him. There was something that Philip had to do before leaving, though. He went to his friend Nathanael to tell him about Jesus. Jesus, Philip said, was the fulfillment of the Hebrew Scriptures. Nathanael, however, needed a bit more convincing. He saw Jesus’s supernatural power and responded to His call to follow. Both men, after encountering Jesus, were transformed. They stayed with Jesus for the next three years and saw His resurrection. Even though Philip and Nathanael fled after Jesus’s death, they saw His resurrection and became bold proclaimers of the gospel. As believers, we have encountered Jesus and His call to follow. Paul said that “old things” have passed away and “new things” have come (II Corinthians 5:17). What “old things” have passed away in your life? Have the “new things” come as you continue to follow Jesus?

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