Where are they? False teachers and the Coronavirus

Where are the faith healers?

During this time of a global pandemic, we need faith healers now more than ever.

We need the ones like Gloria Copeland, who hosts a television program called “God Wants You Well.”

The church needs faith healers like Kenneth Copeland, who said that the church has authority over the Coronavirus and pronounced a “judgement” over it.

Where are the faith healers?

Where are the prophets?

The church needs to hear from Shawn Bolz of Bethel, who said over a month ago that the Coronavirus was “over.”

Rodney Howard-Browne proclaimed that those who followed Florida state guidelines for social distancing and meetings “pansies.” We need them now more than ever.

Where are the faith healers and the prophets?

Faith healers and prophets, like the ones named above and many others, have been shown to be false prophets and should be rejected by the church and people looking for answers during this crisis.

It may be too early to see reasons for this crisis to have occurred. But, if people turn away from these charlatans and other snake-oil salesmen, we can call that one positive outcome.

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