Discipleship Minute #6

Read Matthew 4:18-20, 28:19-20

The Christian church began with what we call The Great Commission. Jesus Christ, after His resurrection, commanded His disciples to go, make new disciples, baptize, and teach people throughout the nations. That commission has been given to us as well. Many Christian people today, however, feel a sense of nervousness or fear when they think about telling another person about their faith in Christ. “What if someone asks a question that I can’t answer?” is the one that I hear the most often.
If we are to follow The Great Commission and make disciples, then perhaps the best place to start is with what happened to us, that is to say, how we became disciples of Jesus in the first place. That can come down to a simple plan:

1. What did your life look like before you heard about Jesus?

2. How did you come to know about and follow Jesus?

3. What has happened in your life since you became a follower of Jesus?

No one can argue with your story. It may be the one that another person needs to hear.

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