Discipleship Minute #1

Read Luke 5:1-11.

Jesus had borrowed one of Simon’s fishing boats in order to teach the crowds. He then asked Simon to put out his nets into a deep part of the water. The catch was phenomenal! It almost sank the boat.

Simon had heard Jesus’s teaching, but now he saw Jesus’s power. The experience drove him to ask Jesus to leave him because Simon was a “sinful man.” Judging from what we see later in the gospel accounts, Simon was probably a loud, boisterous, shooting from the hip,, and “speak without thinking” sort of fellow. We might imagine what Simon might have gotten into before he met Jesus.

Jesus’s call was simple, “Follow Me.” Isn’t that the call of Jesus to us as well? When we become believers, we become followers as well. It is not the end of the journey. It is the beginning.

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