2022 #9

Slavery has been a blight on the history of many countries, including the United States. In many places, it continues to this day. Servitude existed in the time of the writing of both the Hebrew and the Christian Scriptures as well. Skeptics have asserted that because the Bible did not call for the abolition of slavery, the Scriptures must endorse the practice. Is this true? Does that give a moral blight to Christianity? The Shreveport Chapter of Reasons To Believe will continue its discussion of Kenneth Samples’ book Christianity Cross-Examined this month with the presentation “Why Doesn’t the Bible Condemn Slavery?” Our monthly gathering will take place on Tuesday, September 13 at 6:30 pm. The gather will take place at Shreveport’s Brookwood Baptist Church. Mark Riser will lead what promises to be a thought-provoking discussion. If you are in the area, you are cordially invited to attend.

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