Discipleship Minute: Chaos #4

Read Genesis 10:32-11:9, Isaiah 65:1-2.

Pride comes before a fall, as the proverb writer said. There is a good version of pride that comes from doing a job well. However, our sinful nature makes us believe that the world revolves around us. The desire to worship one’s self and accomplishments brings consequences. After the Flood, humanity stayed together and shared a common language. Can you imagine how having a common language would multiply human sinfulness? If people spoke the same language, then they could remain unified longer and would be able to teach each other by example how to sin in better and more extensive ways. Those people made a settlement and decided to build a city and a great tower. The reason for building the city was for the express purpose of maintaining unity and to reach heaven with the tower. Both of these goals were in clear violation of God’s command to fill the earth given originally to Adam and Eve. Disobedience and contempt for God’s commands was the issue. God worked to restrain man’s rampant sinfulness again, this time by confusing the language of the people. When people began to speak in different languages, they naturally grouped together and moved off to different lands, as God had commanded earlier.

Even though man’s nature is inclined toward sin, God’s nature is to seek out rebellious sinners and offer them redemption. The prophet Isaiah records that God Himself was ready to respond to those who would ask Him for forgiveness. God continually offers grace and mercy to His people, who rejected His appeal because of their pride and rebellion. This is not only the history embedded in the Hebrew Scriptures, it is the story of our own lives as well. God offers His grace and mercy freely to those who would come to Him in repentance and faith. Thank God He has made a way for us to experience forgiveness for our pride and rebellion through Jesus Christ!

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