Discipleship Minute #4 Job

Read Job 40:1-14.

It is a classic television move. The detective shows up to the crime scene and flashes his badge from his wallet. Many of us have some kind of credential which shows that we are capable or certified in an area of expertise. What happens when God shows up and produces His credentials? In the last part of the book of Job, that is exactly what happened. Previously, Job had questioned why God would allow his dire circumstances. At this point, God answered Job directly.

God turned the tables on Job. God examined Job by asking him if he was purporting to correct God. At first, Job indicated that he wasn’t even in the same weight class as God. But God continued, reinforcing the point. If Job could adorn himself like God, then he might be able to save himself (Job 40:14).

People do question why God acts in the way that He does. This does commit two errors. First, it is a bad idea to suggest that God must act in the same way that we would. The second error comes that we can actually comprehend the ways of God. His ways are actually unclear to us, except where He has revealed His ways to us.

It takes faith to agree with Job that we are insignificant and cannot understand God’s timing or methods. But, we can know from the Biblical accounts that God is working even though we do not understand what is happening. We have seen many times in our lives that God has been moving even if we could not see it at the time. This should help us when the tough seasons show themselves, and they will. God’s credentials show that He has worked in our lives and will continue to do so.

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