Discipleship Minute – Luke #9

Read Luke 5:4-32.

What are some qualities that the popular culture look for in people that are deemed successful? Knowledge? Aggressiveness? Connections? When Jesus chose His closest followers, or disciples, He did not use the conventional wisdom. In today’s passage, Jesus entered a fishing boat owned by Simon in order to better teach the crowds that were pressing against Him. After He finished, Jesus made what seemed to be a strange request to the fishermen, to put out their nets one more time. They had already spent the night working, but complied. This time, the catch was so massive that it took two boats to bring it in. Why did Jesus use a massive catch of fish? He was getting Peter’s attention.

Simon Peter had to realize that Jesus had the power to back up His teaching. Immediately, Simon realized that he was not worthy to be with Jesus because of his sinful nature. But, Jesus gave him a new mission and purpose: to be a fisher of men.

Later, Jesus saw a tax collector named Levi. Tax collectors were Jews in league with the Romans to collect revenue. They were also perceived as being criminals who took too much from the people. The call to Levi, or Matthew, was the same: to follow Jesus.

Luke records that Peter, James, John, and Matthew left their occupations immediately and followed Jesus. They realized their need and followed Jesus’s call. Jesus picked people who weren’t likely candidates. He used and uses ordinary people from diverse backgrounds in His work. That includes us as well. No matter who we are, Jesus can use us as we heed His call to follow Him.

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