Doctor’s Orders (Part 1)

Luke 18:18-23


How many of you, by a show of hands, go to the doctor regularly?

o At least once a year?

o At least twice a year?

o More?

How many of you follow your doctor’s advice to the letter?

Dr. George Hawkins tells this story,

o “A severe rash prompted a man from a rural area to come to town to be examined. After the usual history-taking followed by a series of tests, the physician advised the patient that he would have to get rid of the dog that was evidently causing the allergic reaction. As the man was preparing to leave the office, the doctor asked him out of curiosity if he planned to sell the animal or give it away. ‘Neither one,’ the patient replied. ‘I’m going to get one of them second opinions I been reading about. It’s a lot easier to find a doctor than a good bird dog.”

Next Week: Suggestions?

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