2021 Goals for the Year

Recently, I heard a radio host suggest that we should use the word “intentions for the new year” rather than “resolutions.” Does this mean we can still write goals, but not complete them? We’ve all been guilty of that. That is why I include a list of goals or intentions for the new year in January.

Mark Riser – Apologist social media. Although I am no longer focused on Facebook, I still the opportunity for conversations online through YouTube, Twitter, and my blog page. This year, I will be intentional about using those platforms for useful conversations about apologetics and discipleship wherever possible.

Brookwood Baptist Church. My off-campus Life Group continues to meet, study, and minister. We are beginning a new study plan of the book of Luke this month. You will be able to see the fruits of that study as I continue the Discipleship Minute articles every Tuesday.

This year, I also begin a three year term on the Deacon Leadership Team. I will be one of twelve men who will lead and disciple a group of deacons as we serve at Brookwood Baptist Church.

Shreveport Reasons To Believe. Our group will begin a year-long study of God Among Sages by Kenneth Samples. This will be a series concerning Christology and comparative religions. It will bring a good perspective on world religions and how Jesus is superior to religious leaders.

Personal Study. The book of Acts has always fascinated me, not just for the history of the early church, but for its apologetics value. This year, I have begun a verse by verse study of Luke’s second book with the view of how apologetics was a valuable part of the ministry of the early believers.

These are my intentions for the year 2021. I look forward to seeing each of them work out and I pray that God will be honored in each of them.

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