Discipleship Minute #31

Read Matthew 1:18-25

We all like to see the hero sweep in just in the nick of time to save the situation. Our literature is filled with stories of someone powerful coming to the rescue of those in need. Those of us who have trusted in Christ have experienced that same moment of rescue. When we were “sinking deep in sin,” as the song says, with no hope of salvation of our own, Jesus Christ met our most pressing need. He is our salvation.

The Christmas account has many fond thoughts and memories for us. But, at its heart, it is an account of a Person. We use that uppercase P correctly, because Jesus is our salvation. He, being truly God and truly man, was the only one who could be the once-and-for-all sacrifice for sin. Because, He is our salvation, it puts us into the position of having a personal relationship with Jesus. Salvation is not an adherence to a doctrine or method by which we are saved by some work or plan, salvation comes from confessing Jesus as our Savior.

How can this be done or how can I help someone? Just remember three r’s.

First, realize. We are in trouble because of our sins and cannot save ourselves.

Second, repent. We must change our minds about our behavior and actively turn away from sin and toward God.

Third, receive. Salvation is a gift from God which must be received by faith, which is an act of the will by which we place our trust in Jesus.

I hope that each one of you can use these to plant, water, or harvest a seed in someone’s life. Thank God that He didn’t just leave us to our sin, but Jesus came in at the right time to be our rescuer.

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