Social Justice Project #17

What does the Bible say about justice?

Part 12: The Gospels: Luke

The Gospels were written, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, as biographies of Jesus of Nazareth, each with its own target audience. Luke, the travelling companion of Paul, was the author of two works in the Christian Scriptures, the Gospel which bears his name and the history of the early church in Acts. Luke composed his work sometime between 50 and 53 AD.

In one instance, Luke has a parallel account with Matthew in condemnation of the Pharisees. His use of justice in Luke 11:42 is the same as in Matthew. In chapter 18, Luke records a parable of Jesus. It is here that Luke uses justice five times. The widow pleads for justice from an unjust judge, who is described as being disrespectful to both God and man. Each time, Luke uses forms of diké to describe justice which leads to the interpretation of justice as a defense or vindication. Like the recalcitrant jurist, God will also grant that vindication as justice for His people when they call out to Him.

Each of these usages fits within our definition of justice.

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