Social Justice Project #11

What does the Bible say about justice?

Part 7: The Minor Prophets: Micah

In the Hebrew Scriptures, prophets spoke for God, delivering His message to the two nations of Judah and Israel. They called the people to return to God and described the future penalty for failure to do so.

Sixty-two times in the seventeen prophetic books justice is mentioned. Micah, from Moresheth, was a contemporary of Isaiah and preached both toward his native Judah and the northern kingdom of Israel. The judgement Micah prophesied came to both Israel and Judah, but he also preached a restoration of Judea. Three times “justice” is used in the HCSB translation.

Two of those occurrences take place in the third chapter, where corrupt leaders and false prophets are judged. He contrasts those false prophets with himself, being filled with God’s Spirit which gives him “justice and courage” (Micah 3:8). The context suggests this application to be judgement which he uses in calling out the sin of both nations. In doing so, Micah indicates that one of the things that the leaders of those nations do is “abhor justice” (Micah 3:9). In their leadership function, they, according to the prophet, display their disdain for right judgement.

Finally, Micah extends hope for redemption. Zion can place their hope in Yahweh, who “establishes justice” for the nation (Micah 7:9). God will bring righteousness and salvation to His people and they will see it in His timing.

Each of these usage are consistent with our definition of justice.

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