Social Justice Project #4

What does the Bible say about justice?

Part 1: The Law

Forty different authors wrote the Biblical text over a period of 1,500 years. But, justice was a recurring idea in both the Hebrew and Christian Scriptures.

In the first five books of Moses, known as the Pentateuch, the term is found eight times in the HCSB.

Justice must not be perverted in four of those passages, meaning the procedure of justice must not be slanted based on the social or economic position of those seeking redress. In Exodus 23:2, “mob justice” is prohibited.

Justice is also an application of pursuing a right relationship with God in the Law. The end goal is to avoid God’s curse and endure in the land into which the people will move.

God’s righteous command to expel and fight the Canaanites and administer His “justice” on them is one of the things upon which the tribe of Gad is commended.

Finally, God was given as an example of justice to those who are on the lower rungs of the social and economic ladder in Deuteronomy 10:18.

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