Always Be Ready: A Book Review

Disclaimer: I received this book as a gift for contributing to Reasons To Believe

Sharing faith in Jesus Christ is, for some, a daunting task. Not Hugh Ross. Dr. Ross takes many opportunities given to Him to explaining why people should give their lives to Christ.

Hugh Ross shares many of his adventures in witnessing in his newest book, written with his wife Kathy, in Always Be Ready: A Call to Adventurous Faith. Dr. and Mrs. Ross serve as president and vice-president of Reasons To Believe, the leading faith-science apologetics organization.

Always Be Ready is one volume which covers three broad topics, all of which fit together.

The first section of the book is Dr. Ross’s personal testimony. Born in Canada, Hugh became interested in science at an early age. It was this exploration in science which convinced him that the universe had a beginning in time. After studying the Bible, he noted that, as opposed to other religious texts, it was free of scientific and historical error and described transcendent attributes of God. Hugh Ross gave his life to Christ on August 7, 1964.

The second major section of the book highlights Hugh’s adventures in sharing his newfound faith. “I knew that my commitment to being Christ’s disciple meant telling others what I had done and encouraging them to do the same,” he writes. Despite challenges, he plunged into sharing his faith, whether it was with a lab partner, scientific colleague, and even the leader of a local atheist club. The organization that Hugh and Kathy founded, Reasons To Believe, has given him more opportunities, in seminars, lectures, and in airplanes, to share how people can come to faith in the God of the Bible. Dr. Ross has used his scientific training as a “hook” to open doors to evangelistic encounters.

In the third part of the book, Dr. Ross details some of his thoughts on outreach ministry in the local church. He notes, “How ready are we, in our gatherings for worship and teaching and ministry, to invite and address questions about the basis for our hope?” Part of being the church, Ross suggests, is allow our hope in Christ to shine so that others ask about that hope, as I Peter 3:15 commands. Many Christians and church services would become uncomfortable with a “Q & A” period from unbelievers as a part of the program. One method Dr. Ross has used at his church is the Skeptics Forum, in which the focus is placed on answering questions specifically from unbelievers.

Always Be Ready is unlike any of Hugh Ross’s books. It combines personal testimony, evangelistic experiences, and practical suggestions for outreach. He does include Biblical and scientific facts in the book, but it is a most readable experience. It is also challenging to the believer who wishes to plant and water seeds for the Gospel in the lives of people. Not every Christian is an astronomer or a physicist, but every Christian has the hope of Christ and can share that hope.

I heartily recommend Dr. Ross’s book, Always Be Ready.

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