2022: What Lies Ahead?

Are they “goals” or are the things we plan ”intentions?” Perhaps intentions have more force than goals. Perhaps intentions imply that the things we decide to do are combined with determination. If so, after prayer and consideration these are my intentions for the year 2022.

Mark Riser – Apologist social media. The Mark Riser – Apologist web page remains my primary means of communication and apologetics outreach. I have featured some new series, “Twitter Best and Worst” and “Social Justice Project,” and reintroduced “Crucial Questions.” I intend to put my writing efforts into making these and other features the best that I can in order to strengthen believers who are asking questions. I have produced other presentations, some of which regular readers have seen in the “Important Ministry Announcement.” I also intend to explore ways to make those presentations more accessible to a wider audience.

Brookwood Baptist Church. I continue to serve in several positions at my home church. At this time, my off-campus Life Group is using a study series which moves through the entire Bible in a three-year cycle. We have recently begun studying Exodus. The fruits of this study forms the basis for the Discipleship Minute series which is seen on Tuesdays. I intend to use my gift of teaching in whatever capacity in which I am called by the leaders of my church.

Shreveport Reasons To Believe. As president of our local chapter, I have the responsibility to program the educational features during our chapter gathering. This month, our group began a book study of Kenneth Samples’ Christianity Cross-Examined. The teaching duties for our sessions are divided between myself and two other men. I intend to continue this series, expand our outreach to the church and community, and recruit at least one more team member for this important effort.

Personal Growth. One of the joys that I experienced last year was the study and fellowship of my discipleship group of deacons as the use the Stages discipleship materials. We will continue that study this year and work on how to continue this important work with other men in Brookwood Baptist Church. I also viewed two free courses from Hillsdale College in 2021 and have already signed up for another class which may be the toughest course yet. Also, I have also become intrigued by certain aspects of legal training and how they might be applied to apologetics. I intend to pursue these efforts and personal discipleship and growth and will report on them to you later.

Intentions are dangerous things. You become committed to things by intentions. But, they also help you navigate a sea of effort and fix your eyes on the important priorities. I ask for your prayers and support as I follow these intentions for 2022.

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