2021 #9

Billions of people around the world hold some kind of religious belief. These beliefs are not all the same and even contradict one another, especially on the most important questions of the existence of God and salvation. Is it possible for all of these systems to be right? Can we call some beliefs wrong? Kenneth Samples says, “…the growing climate of religious pluralism poses a serious challenge to the Christian faith.” How can believers express tolerance for other faith traditions while standing for the truth claims of Christianity? Exploring these and other questions of tolerance, Bruce Hennigan will lead the discussion at the next gathering of the Shreveport Chapter of Reasons to Believe with his presentation of “Truth, Tolerance, and the Plurality of Religious Claims,” from our continuing study of Kenneth Samples’ book God Among Sages. The gathering will take place at Shreveport’s Brookwood Baptist Church on Tuesday, October 12 at 6:30 pm. The conversation will be relevant and if you are in the area, we cordially invite you to be there!

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