Social Justice Project #15

What does the Bible say about justice? A Review.

We began this project with a working definition of justice.

“Justice is the moral quality of individuals receiving fair treatment in their interactions with other individuals and government. It also gives the possibility of redress when violations occur.”

We then explored the Biblical usages of justice in the context of the Hebrew Scriptures. The Hebrew word mishpat is used over 400 times when speaking of justice. The writers of the Scriptures spoke of justice in several different ways: judgement, law, right, and privilege. Many times, the writers spoke of righteousness, both in the individual sense and the sense of God being righteous and dealing rightly with individuals and people groups. In dealing with God’s justice, the Scriptures speak of His judgment and redress when violations of His law occurred.

We now turn our attention to the Christian Scriptures. The Greek words krisis, ekdikásis, diké, dikaiosuné were used by the authors, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, for justice. It is important to see how these words were used and the application of justice. Afterwards, we can review our definition of justice.

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