It Was a Cruel, Cruel World: Death and Life Before and After the Fall (Part 10)

show up in the fossil record were built to eat plants.

Other animals were built to consume those plant eaters. Teeth and claws show us they were efficient killing machines.


Not only could death come at the jaws of a predator, but there have been mass extinction events in which objects from space have crashed into earth, throwing up great clouds of dust and matter which clouded the sun. This affected the food chain. Plants were unable to grow and died. Plant eaters lost their source of food. Meat eaters lost their food supply and died as well.

At each stage of extinctions, new species appeared to replace those that had been lost and the cycle started over again.

We can agree with the president of Answers in Genesis, Ken Ham, that the fossil record is a record of death. Death is certainly present before man was created. If we take the record of nature to be truthful as it is, we see that death occurs before man’s Fall.

Next Week: What does this mean?

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